has been really amazing and exciting working with GCIS, a school that helps not only the learners but also the teachers to discover their potentials, develop them and deliver anywhere they find themselves.

As a pioneer teacher/parent who came into the school with all enthusiasm and passion to impact life with the openness to also learn in the process has as well been added value to by the school through her various training and retraining programmes which includes but not limited to ICT, pedagogy in teaching, good handwriting processes, ways of grooming good morals and disciplined children. As a parent of the school, I have the opportunity to attest to all round development of the children. The most interesting and outstanding parts of the packages are: spell it right, speak right, do it right and solve it well. The most amazing aspect of the school is that the standard never drops; rather it skyrockets on daily basis.

I am super excited to be one of the team members of this great citadel of learning and I proudly recommend the school for those seeking for a place where to give their children total education.